Exterior home siding made of stone is quickly becoming the best home improvement project bringing value and curb appeal to your best investment. Choose a natural stone veneer and add skirting or cover a bumped out area around your front door. The possibilities are endless. If budget is an issue choose a manufactured stone veneer. It will cost you less and will give you the look of natural stone. With a little creativity and planning you can add stone to your home siding exterior and make your home the one of your dreams.

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Manufactured stone walls for your home are not just for your fireplace. Install them on an accent wall with or without grout. There are many stone styles to suit either, a modern or contemporary style room. Choose a style of stone that you like and then choose a colour. Whether you want your wall to simply add texture or a splash of colour, yourmanufactured stone wall is sure to be the focal point of your room and of your home.

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Faux stone panels are lightweight and easy to install on any interior or exterior wall when you want the look of a real stacked stone wall. Installing them require less work than installing individual stones and the end result is amazing. Faux panels are available in many profiles and colours and are affordable at any budget. This is an ideal product when you want to do it yourself. Install them for your next home improvement project.

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Brick and stone veneer can be used together in many different combinations with so many colours and styles to choose from. A brick or stone veneeris a great option when you want to update and change an area of your home. The beauty of an exposed brick wall can be achieved with an antiquebrick veneer product. If you prefer a stone veneerwall, there are many styles and colours to choose from. Manufactured or natural stone veneer is beautiful and affordable. Visit one of our showrooms and choose brick and stone veneer for your next project.

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Natural stone veneers are a decorators dream. With the right installation, thin cut it can be applied over any existing substrate, even brick. It is often heavier than its manufactured copy, but that is not always the case. Lighter weight options are available in panel type products. Assembled these panels are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Create a statement in your home with natural stone veneer on a wall or fireplace. Check your local building codes and consult a professional.

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Decorative wall panels installed on your interior wall made of manufactured or natural stone will turn drab to fabulous. Stone walls were only seen in commercial applications, but more and more we are seeing these decorative wall treatments appearing in residential homes. Wall panel stone is quicker to install than individual stones. They can be dry stacked together to cover a whole wall to make a grand statement. With proper installation your decorative wall will be enjoyed for many years

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A stone fireplace refacing project is a great way to update an old brick facade that you may have inherited when you bought your seventies home. Choose either manufactured or natural stoneveneers. The fireplace is often the main focal point of a room, so make it really stand out. Consult a professional for advice on the right installation for your fireplace refacing project and create a stone fireplace that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Wall stone veneer made of manufactured stone or natural ledge panels is a sure way to update your space and take it to the next level. More and more we are seeing stone installed on walls in the interior of homes and not only on a fireplace. Covering an entire wall with stone veneer will make an ordinary room extraordinary. The exposed brick look on an interior wall is a great place to start when you want to add a time worn feel to a new space. Add a little wall brick or stone veneer to your interior wall.

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Home exterior manufactured stone and brick veneer cladding will dramatically change your façade. Pair stone veneer with brick or stucco or home stone siding or any combination of these cladding choices for another look. If you need help to visualize the finished project, consider driving around different neighbourhoods and looking at homes. Take a few pictures and then snap a photo of your home and take advantage of software that allows you to download your photo and add elements. Adding just a touch of manufactured stone or brick will make your home the talk of the neighbourhood.

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