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Home Stone Exterior

Home exterior manufactured stone and brick veneer cladding will dramatically change your façade. Pair stone veneer with brick or stucco or home stone siding or any combination of these cladding choices for another look.

Home Stone Veneer

Paint is not the only medium to decorate your walls. When its texture you want, try a faux stone veneer or brick. It’s a project even the do it yourself decorator can do. All you need is a little imagination and one of...

Stone Fireplace Refacing

A stone fireplace refacing project is a great way to update an old brick facade that you may have inherited when you bought your seventies home. Choose either manufactured or natural stone veneers.

Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels installed on your interior wall made of manufactured or natural stone will turn drab to fabulous. Stone walls were only seen in commercial applications, but more and more we are seeing these decorative wall treatments appearing in residential homes.

Natural Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneers are a decorators dream. With the right installation, thin cut it can be applied over any existing substrate, even brick. It is often heavier than its manufactured copy, but that is not always the case. Lighter weight options are available in panel type products.

Change The Siding On Your Home And Install Brick And Stone Veneer

Brick and stone veneer can be used together in many different combinations with so many colours and styles to choose from.

Faux Stone Panels

Faux stone panels are lightweight and easy to install on any interior or exterior wall when you want the look of a real stacked stone wall. Installing them require less work than installing individual stones and the end result is amazing.

Manufactured Stone Wall

Manufactured stone walls for your home are not just for your fireplace. Install them on an accent wall with or without grout. There are many stone styles to suit either, a modern or contemporary style room.

Exterior Home Siding

Exterior home siding made of stone is quickly becoming the best home improvement project bringing value and curb appeal to your best investment. Choose a natural stone veneer and add skirting or cover....

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the look of brick in your home without the high cost. Brick Veneers are a single layer of bricks added to the wall to give improve the look of your home. Brick Veneers rely on other items for structural support such as wood or steel. This helps make it easier to install the material at a lower cost.
  1. Value – Exterior Brick Veneer increases the resale value of your home. They improve the look of the home and make it more valuable for the housing market if you ever choose to sell. 

  2. Easy Installation – Exterior Brick Veneers are so easy to install that it can be done as a DIY project. They can also be added to the home anytime even after the construction is finished. 

  3. Better Insulation – Exterior Brick Veneers have air pockets that help air flow better in the home. This is also what helps keep moisture out of the home as the brick veneer structure acts as a drain. 

  4. Maintenance – Unlike other materials, it is easier to repair brick veneers by yourself. Just do a yearly checkup for cracks and patch it up. But bricks very rarely need maintenance. 

  5. Popular – Over the past 30 years, brick veneers have increased in popularity. Their lightweight materials are a great addition to the home 

  6. Environmentally Friendly – There is a lower carbon footprint to manufacturing brick veneers and installing them. 

  7. Cost –  Unlike solid brick, exterior veneers cost 3x less per square feet making it a cost-effective investment.
If you want to lower the installation cost of brick veneers why not install it yourself.

  1. Wall Check – Before you apply the brick veneer to your home you need to check the wall to ensure it is smooth and free of dirt. 

  2. Cut the brick – Make sure to cut some bricks in half before you start installing the brick veneers. 

  3. Bonding agent – If you want the brick to stick to the wall add a bonding agent to the space where the brick will be pressed onto

  4. Start with a Corner – Just like a puzzle it is always easier to start at the bottom corner. Place an uncut brick to the wall  

  5. Install bricks – Press bricks in a pattern going upwards with an uncut then cut brick choice. 

  6. Level Check – You have 20 minutes to make sure that the bricks are positioned properly before the brick veneer begins to set. 

  7. Grout Space – There needs to be space between the upper and lower rows of the bricks as well as the adjacent bricks to ensure the wall the properly insulated. The space can be from ⅜” to ½”. 

  8. Halfway Point – When you’re halfway done with pressing the bricks start with another corner and follow the previous steps. 

  9. Rest – The brick veneer should be left to rest for 1 – 2 days before anything more can be done. 

  10. Grout – Within the space of the bricks put the cement formula to ensure better adhesion of the bricks
On average Exterior Brick Veneers cost $6- $15 per square foot. This is cheaper than a lot of stone or solid brick alternatives. Since it is also easier to install stone veneers by yourself you might not need to worry about labor fees. But if you do choose to hire professionals it will be a cheaper installation cost.
It has been found that a lot of insurance companies provide a lower home insurance rate if you have a brick home because they are more likely to survive fire damage or other extreme weather.

Compare Brick Veneer cost to other materials
  1. Stucco  $3 – $9 per square foot 
  2. Brick Veneer  $6 – $15 per square foot 
  3. Stone Veneer  $18 – $33 per square foot 
  4. Metals  $5 – $17 per square foot 

For its price range, brick veneers offer a lot more benefits so when you’re looking to redecorate your home go with brick veneers.

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