Faux Stone Panels

Easy to Install in a Variety of Colours and Textures

faux stone panel will give you the look of a stacked stone in a simple, easy to install decorative wall panel. It takes a lot of time, awareness and attention to detail to replicate real stone. This is an ideal product when you want to do it yourself. Preparing the surface properly is essential to ensure a solid installation of faux stone panels. Refer to local building codes and consult a professional. This stone panel is made of a concrete base. It makes them a suitable product for any interior or exterior application. In addition, it requires little maintenance. At Stone Brick Veneer, our team can help you install the faux stone veneer near the Toronto area. Get what you always wanted for your home.

Add Elegance With Less Fuss

Adding texture to a surface with faux stone also adds interest to the space. Reproduce the look found in city facades and contemporary exposed stone walls seen in modern lofts with faux stone and brick. Installing faux stone panels requires less work than staking one stone at a time and the end result is amazing. Faux stone panels are available in many profiles and colours and are affordable at any budget. We have different colors to choose and also you can customize colors too to make it what you want. If you can do it yourself then that is a budget saver too.

Update and change the look of your interior or exterior stone project with easy to install, easy on the budget, decorative wall panels and get the look of real stone. 

Contact us to get your Faux Stone Panel near Toronto or in Ontario today. Stone Brick Veneer’s head office is based in the Greater Toronto Area and distributes stone and brick veneer throughout Ontario and Quebec.