Exterior Home Stone Veneer


Cover the exterior of your home with stone siding

Whether you want to just add a little or a lot of stone, a veneer exterior home siding stone will increase the value and curb appeal to your home. Stone veneer is a durable alternative home siding product to the traditional vinyl, aluminum or wood siding. Mixing siding with stone adds elegance and charm. Choose from small to larger stones with or without grout. Extend the stone onto landscape wall areas capped with stone. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

HOME STONE exterior

Home stone exterior manufactured stone andbrick veneer cladding will dramatically change your façade. Pair stone veneer with brick or stucco or siding or any combination of these cladding choices for another look. If you need help to visualize the finished project, consider driving around different neighbourhoods and looking at homes. Take a few pictures and then snap a photo of your home and take advantage of software that allows you to download your photo and add elements. Adding just a touch of manufactured stone or brick will make your home the talk of the neighbourhood.