Stone Wall Panels


Easy to install faux stone panels in a variety of colours and textures

Meticulously detailed to replicate real stone, a faux stone panel will give you the look of a stacked stone in a simple, easy to install decorative wall panel. This is an ideal product when you want to do it yourself. Preparing the surface properly is essential to ensure a solid installation of faux stone panels. Refer to local building codes and consult a professional. This stone panel is made of a concrete base which make them a suitable product for any interior or exterior application and require little maintenance.


Stone is a perfect medium to create adecorative wall

Stone can be used inside and out. You have often heard the phrase, “bring the outside in”. Here is another element that you can bring into your space. Creating a decorative wall panel of stone veneer will add interest and texture to a once plain wall. With proper installation your decorative wall of stone will be enjoyed for many years.


Decorate your wallwith stone veneer in many styles and colours

Paint is not the only medium to decorate your walls. When its texture you want, try a faux stone veneer orbrick. It’s a project even the do it yourself decorator can do. All you need is a little imagination and one of our wall stone veneer products. If you’re not up to doing it yourself, you can hire a mason to do it for you. When your project involves an exterior wall a professional should always be consulted. Nothing is more disappointing than looking at a job well done one day then having it all fall apart because of an improper installation. Doing it right the first time will save you a lot of time, money and heartache.