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Canyon Stone ™ classic brick veneer is lightweight and easy to install – a beautiful compliment to stone or stucco.


What is Thin Brick?

Although thin brick veneers were first developed in the 1950s as a way to reface existing construction, this material now occupies a very fashionable position in the building and home improvement market. This is for both new and existing exterior/interior applications in residential. Also in the commercial construction business. Thin brick veneers stand out for their natural sourcing, insulating properties, and longevity. Thin brick veneers are manufactured stones made from the same materials and processes. It is like other bricks, but are thinner and weigh less, making them more convenient and decorative. Since thin brick veneers are 1/4 to 1/3 the size of the full version, they are easier to haul, and provide a number of benefits for labour and logistics. These finishes demand fewer raw materials and clays. This is because they are providing a greener, more sustainable option for the construction industry. We have the perfect thin brick veneer for you near the Toronto area.

Thin brick veneers are ideal for homes or businesses that desire to have the look of full brick, but want to save money. They can also eliminate the brick ledge, the heavy footers, lintels, and headers supporting the full brick. It gives the owner more conditioned square footage to use or sell. Traditionally, brick structures are built as free-standing walls tied back to a supporting structural wall such as concrete, concrete block, steel frame, or sheathing. The brick will become part of the building’s structural support system. However, thin brick veneer installations do not carry the same support, nor do they impose similar kinds of loads. Instead, they stick to the exterior wall. The building itself is often constructed from steel or wood frames. It is followed by the appropriate sheathing panels, lath, and mortar levelling bed.
Toronto Thin Brick

How It Help Me With My Home?

Thin brick veneers also provide noise reduction. They do this by reflecting sound waves and absorbing energy. These veneers can lower the impact of damage, wear and tear, heat, and vandalism. This is because they do not fade, melt, or dent like other types of veneers. Additionally, their thermal performance is increased when added to an existing wall, because the brickwork stores and releases heat slower than it normally would, therefore, requiring less insulation than non-brick walls.

Canada mandates drainage cavities in exterior wall systems to be a minimum of 10-mm, with a rain screen placed after the sheathing, air, and water-resistant barriers are installed. Thin brick walls will be perfect for you home or business if you’re looking for a cost efficient, yet quality, design. They look just as professional as full brick walls, but save you time and money.

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